Live Central Media Group is a global broadcaster facilitating eCommerce solutions for brands and content owners, via content creation and distribution throughout the Asia region.

Live Central operates a connected network of global venues from within which it creates unique and bespoke content driving audience engagement and monetiation for brands and content owners alike.


Via its dedicated connected venue network, Live Central creates and produces unique content for broadcast across a number of different categories. Creating content in Music, Sport, Fashion, and much more, Live Central has access to the best content and content owners, giving brands an opportunity to reach and engage audiences never before possible throughout Asia.


Through a combination of its own distribution platform, and strategic partnerships with the largest online video platforms in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more throughout Asia, Live Central has the ability to reach more than 1 billion people, putting brands at the forefront of content distribution, and helping engage an audience they know very little about.


By creating a unique approach to the monetisation of content, Live Central has developed an eCommerce capability that puts products in front of viewers like never before. Capitalising on the popularity of the content created, brands can reach previously unfathomable levels of engagement and turn this directly into revenue.

Live Central caters to brands, content owners, content creators and those looking to innovate their strategy in reaching audiences, and monetising content within the Asian region.

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